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Landon's Lawn Care Services

From our family to yours, we'll be sure to provide an unbeatable experience at an unbeatable cost.

Lawn Mowing

Be the envy of the neighborhood with our professional mowing and wheed whacking services. We'll leave your lawn looking fresh and beautiful every time.

Leaf Removal

Leaves can become annoying to tend to, leaf that to us! We'll be happy to rehome any stray leaves that are unwelcomed. Contact us for a free estimate.

Pressure Washing

Don't just care for your grass, care for your driveway, sidewalk, and siding, resulting in a cleaner and more visually appealing property.

Seeding / Fertilizing

Promote healthy grass growth, improve the overall appearance of your lawn, and prevent weed growth with our seeding and fertilization services.

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You can rest easy knowing that Landon's Lawn Care is licensed to operate in your area. We do it right, from our home all the way to yours.


Landons' Lawn Care is fully insured and ready to protect your lawn. We take pride in our high quality services and vow to match it with our customer care.


Landon's Lawn Care is trusted to do right by you. We take pride in our services and our customers. Join dozens of other neighbors in having a beautiful lawn that you can depend on.

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